Implementation & Construction Services


Bidding & Negotiating

Our team is qualified to put together a bid package and submit it to contractors. Upon receipt of the bids, we compare them, review them with our client, and negotiate with the contractor as desired or required. We act as our clients' agents throughout the bidding and negotiating process, trying to mediate an equitable contract but one that meets the client's time and budget constraints. We inevitably save our client money during this pricing process.


Contract Preparation

As a benefit to both client and contractor, we offer complete contract preparation services. We typically use standard, electronic AIA Contract Documents; our service includes preparing a draft, submitting it to both client and contractor for review, reviewing and making changes, finalizing the contract, and printing and emailing the document in PDF format. This is a worthwhile service, as these contracts are 'tried and true' and are designed to protect building owners.


Field Supervision

During implementation of the energy efficiency measures, our team of seasoned, licensed professionals observe for conformance with drawings and specifications, and proper installation of products, equipment and controls. We make regular site visits to observe construction or implementation, document progress, review and approve or deny payment requisitions, and field problems during construction. We aim to keep the project moving on track, according to its schedule and budget constraints. This is a valuable service which usually saves our clients time and money.

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