Energy Costs & Savings


Energy Efficiency & Cost Savings

Large amounts of money can be saved by reducing energy costs. Energy costs are reduced first by removing inefficient or aged items that are 'energy hogs'. These may be leaky uninsulated windows, old appliances, oversized boilers and AC units, cracks and holes in the building envelope, or inefficient lighting. The next step would be repair and replacement within energy efficiency models and materials. The new measures include new insulated windows, high density insulation, caulking, LED lighting, and Energy Star appliances. Insulating ducts and pipes is another way to reduce heat loss.

Cost savings can also be attributed to lower fuel costs. Today this can be done by converting the building's fuel source from oil to gas. Simply put, the cost of a gallon gas is almost half of the cost of a comparable amount of oil. For an average multifamily building of 75 units, this could mean savings of about $100K per year. Payback for this investment is often in one to two years. After this, fuel savings frees up funds to pay for additional energy efficiency investments or other building projects or needs.

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