Feasibility Studies


Energy Efficiency Feasibility Studies

One of our specialties is Feasibility Studies, specifically pertaining to Oil to Gas (OTG) Conversions. We have become proficient in analyzing multifamily buildings for energy usage, equipment replacement, fuel conversions, and other associated energy efficiency measures. These studies provide research and analysis of the building's current status, as well as estimated costs, projected savings, and rates of return and payback times. A typical Feasibility Study would show the Homeowner Board or Property Manager which measures offer the best value for its investment. For example, an OTG conversion generally produces tremendous savings by the end of the first year, which usually offsets completely the costs of the conversion.

Feasibility Studies may also be done for other proposed measures, such as Renewable Energy features. These may include solar panels (photovoltaic or thermal), geothermal wells and heat pumps, bio-fuel, and hydro-generated electricity.

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