Fuel Conversions


Oil to Gas Conversions

We have extensive experience with multifamily oil to gas conversions. These can be key to saving significant fuel costs. As the cost of oil has been continually increasing in recent years, the cost of natural gas has remained stable. Furthermore the long-term availability of natural gas supplies is sound because reserves are plentiful for many decades to come. The U.S. has a natural gas resource base equal to about 100 years of consumption at current production levels. In 2009, natural gas, derived from shale, made up 14% of total U.S. natural gas supply. Production of shale gas is expected to continue to increase and constitute 45% of the U.S. total natural gas supply in 2035. Additionally, Canada and Mexico have large reserves that are accessible to U.S. markets.1

Although there has been a recent increase in domestic oil production, its economic benefits are tempered by the realities of the global oil market, largely due to continued instability in oil-producing regions, and soaring demand from China, India, and other emerging markets. The myth of "energy independence" is that even dramatic increases in domestic production cannot fully insulate the country from the costs of oil dependence, including high prices and continued volatility, capital flows overseas, and the burden on our military to secure global oil supplies. It is clear that a long-term transition away from petroleum based fuels is essential in order to break oil's grip over the U.S. economic and national security.2

On a more micro-scale, we do our part to make these oil to gas conversions a reality. Our team works with our clients on projects from beginning to end, coordinating with utility companies, monitoring projects during all phases, assisting with construction phase services, and ultimately managing the project through the actual fuel conversion, meter installation and gas initialization.

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2 SAFE — Securing America's Future Energy

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