Incentives & Rewards


Energy Efficiency Incentives

Developing an incentive plan can be critical to a project's viability. If a project meets certain criteria or standards, the building may be eligible for significant returns in the form of rebates, target incentive money, and tax credits or deductions. Our team is knowledgeable about the current incentive offers available for energy efficiency improvements.

Some of these incentive programs are sponsored by local utility or affiliated companies, such as Con Edison or NYSERDA. Con Edison offers rebate programs, based on installed measures including lighting, electrical, mechanical and building envelope. NYSERDA's programs are based purely on energy savings and achievement of a target energy reduction. Additionally bonus payments are offered for actual achieved savings after the first year.


Government & Utility Incentives

Incentives are available for many energy efficiency projects. Utility companies offer varying incentives usually directly related to the measures being installed. For example, an incentive of $1 per foot is available from Con Edison for insulating hot water pipes. Replacement of heating equipment with energy efficient models commands comparatively large rebates, sometimes as high as $15,000.

Other programs like NYSERDA's Multifamily Performance Program offer large incentives upon achieving certain standards and following program requirements. In particular, NYSERDA's program requires that an MPP Partner perform a building energy audit, develop an energy reduction plan showing a minimum 15% reduction, and monitor the implementation of the measures. Incentives are awarded on a per unit basis; additional performance payments are also available after one year demonstrating 20% energy reduction.


Submittals & Rewards

Once the incentive requirement is met, applications must be completed and processed. Proper documentation and application preparation is required. Applications must be submitted to the appropriate authorities with supporting materials including tax information and project data. Our experience, organizational skills, and our file management system allow us to streamline and complete this process expeditiously.

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